Randolph Thompson                  Composer/Actor/Director 

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Randolph Thompson studied Jazz composition and arranging at Indiana University with the world renowned David Baker. He has written music for TV, film, commericals and special events. For 15 years Thompson was a headliner musical Comedian opening for Ray Charles and The Neville Brothers. He wrote and directed the cult favorite movie "Stages". Randy is also a well known TV guest-star having appeared in "24", "Grey's Anatomy""Criminal Minds", "Boston Legal", "Weeds", "Mad Men" and "CSI" among many others.

                                        Music Reviews 

The widely eclectic album "Euphony" offers a vast variety of both songs and acoustic instrumentation. Most full band albums consist of the usual key instruments (drums, bass, guitar and vocals) but Randolph has opened the door wide open on his newest collection of jazz/blues/world pop with use of djembe, cajon, congas, bongos, timpani, violin, trombone, sax, flute, bassoon, oboe and numerous ethnic instruments.  The result is magnificent and is well displayed on songs like "That Piece of Me" and "Analog Man".  The album is also filled with numerous lead vocal appearances, all of which are tastefully done and fit well within the song choice.  There is also a great throwback to the singers of the '60s on songs such as "Let's Get Connected".  If you are into pop/jazz or anything Elvis Costello has put out in recent years, you will enjoy "Euphony".
Shaun H. and the RadioIndy Reviewer Team

Randolph is Randy Thompson, a talented instrumentalist, composer and leader of a large ensemble.  They play a unique style geared towards the Euphonic Jazz/Blues genre.  This is more clearly defined as peaceful, pleasant music with lots of texture and depth.  It is not overly complex yet has a high degree of sophistication.  Thompson also uses an unusual grouping of instruments.  We enjoyed the funky Mid-Eastern vibe of "Leaving Bagdad", "Mumbai Tears" and the tranquility of "Market".  "Expansion" is the second Randolph Thompson release and he extends his genius here.
D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter


 …Brilliant, Excellent, we have enjoyed it immensely.  Randolph’s  presentation of music, inside the style and personality reflected is very refreshing.
Graham Barclay – SoundwaveFM, New Zealand

…Randolph’s music has a unique, contemporary style combining European Rhythms with a hint of Mid-East/India.  Euphony has a different vibe that will excite audiences.
D. Oscar Groomes  - O’s Place Jazz Newsletter, Charlotte, NC

…Great CD, very useful for several programs on our station.  Has received a lot of airplay already and will in the future.
Harry Boerman – Veluwe FM, The Netherlands

…An enjoyable album with several tracks that I have already started playing on air and will be playing more.
Harold Ellison – Shoalhaven Radio, New South Wales, Australia

…Randolph’s “Expansion” is an airy and original synthesis of many sounds and many styles, bridging cultures from Latin America to India.
Stuart Broomer  - Toronto Life/CODA, Canada

…It’s not often that the music lives up to the promotional blurb but this one does it with beautiful texture and is unique.  Great Work!
George Young – Country Club Productions, Australia

…I really enjoyed the CD, “Expansion”.  I love the different approach to bluesy jazz.
Jake Halverson –WIPZ Radio, Wisconsin

…Sophisticated compositions by Randolph Thompson will be featured in my program.
Pascal Dorban – Radio ARA, Luxembourg

…What a great sound Randolph has.  I have played a number of tracks to date and have scheduled more in future programs.
Michael Criddle – OZRadio, Australia

…Fantastic CD’s.  Great stuff for our radio station.
Alex Pijnen – BRTO Radio, The Netherlands

…Awesome, great multi ethnic and layered dynamic music in the borderland of jazz, folk and classical music.  It’s thrilling, a sheer joy, for one with a true ZappaHeart.
Lasse M., Sweden

…Randolph’s excellent music is on a number of my playlists. Always interested in presenting more of this great sound.
Vasja Ivanovski  – Jazz Spaces, Skopje, Macedonia

….I really like what I hear from Randolph. It’s playing in my radio show of American roots music.
Massimo Ferro – Radio Voce Spazio, San Michele, Italy


Congratulations on Grindie Award

           RadioIndy is proud to present Randolph Thompson a Grindie Award for his CD "Euphony." A Grindie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment.