Randolph Thompson                  Composer/Actor/Director 

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STagES (The Montana Run)
The cult favorite Stand-Up comedy movie!



"STagES" (The Montana Run)


Press Reviews

  • Variety 

    "Genuinely funny...a humorous yet realistic view of life on the road as a nightclub comic."

  • Hollywood Reporter - Henry Sheehan

    "A fine calling card for star/writer/producer/director Randy Thompson, who displays a uniquely attractive wry, dry comic realism... the film has a sophisticated notion of characterization... a genuine charmer."

  • Los Angeles Reader

    "It takes considerable talent and intelligence to make something this good. It deserves to be a sleeper hit and Thompson should be watched."

  • Boston Globe - Betsy Sherman

    "It's one of the best movies ever made about stand-up comedy. Randy Thompson keeps things brisk and true-to-life."

  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer - William Arnold 

    "The film's eye for character and evocative details of life on the road could hardly be better. It is infinitely superior to "Punchline" - 3 1/2 stars"

  • Los Angeles Times - Chris Willman

    "Thompson's film looks positively fabulous and the actor's vividly drawn characterizations make it worthy."

  • Seattle Times - Michael Upchurch

    "An auspicious debut, with some real charm and genuine laughs."